Bear with me…

I’ve just transfered this blog to a self-hosted site, which is a whole new world for me. I did it in part because I want the increased flexibility that a self-hosted site provides (I kept getting jealous of all the WordPress plug-ins I couldn’t install when my site was hosted at, and also so that I have a place to play around with some of the new things I’m learning. This site will probably fluctuate a lot over the next couple of weeks as I figure out what I want to do with it. As you already know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook and saw the deluge of links I mistakenly posted, I am new at this and trying to figure things out on my own.

I’m happy to say that I’m at least making progress. I’ve successfully moved everything over to the new self-hosted site, and from here (I think) it should be a matter of refining. Thanks for your patience!

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Thanks for the encouragement, Josh. Adjunct Project is looking great, btw — so many entries, and such a wealth of information!

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