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Now that I’m working in a completely new—and somewhat isolated—way, I’m exploring new modes of connecting with people. One thing I love is being able to gather with people around a shared focus. To that end, I’m starting a low-key reading group focused loosely on how to make higher ed better. Each month, we’ll consider a text that will get us thinking about what higher ed is, what it could be, and how we can bring about change.

I’d like to invite you to join me on Thursday, October 21 from 5-6pm ET.

For the first session, I wavered between choosing something that’s on my to-read list or choosing something I know and love. Something focused squarely on the topic or something that works at a slant. I’ve decided to go with the latter: two short texts that have deeply influenced my thinking about higher ed and all its messy, difficult, occasionally beautiful realities—even though neither one is about higher ed per se.

Those pieces are:

Please sign up here if you’d like to come! And please bring some ideas of what you’d like to read in future months—my thought is that we’ll take turns choosing readings and leading discussions so that we can hear lots of different voices and ways of thinking.

To keep people up to date about the reading group, and to have a way to share upcoming talks/workshops and occasional reflections, I’ve also started a newsletter. You can read and subscribe here if you wish.

We’ll see where it goes!

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