Events and Media


New Books Network with Amanda Jeanne Swain

GradCast with Daniel Olson-Bang

GradSchooled with Fatima Williams

Papa PhD with David Mendes

New American Baccalaureate with Eli Kramer and James Anderson

Vitamin PhD with Sasha Goldman, Boston University

PostDoctoral with Rebbecca Kaplan (episode 1, episode 2)

Rocking the Academy with Roopika Risam and Mary Churchill

The Thought Project, episode 77, with Tanya Domi, The Graduate Center


Book launch at the University of Iowa with Teresa Mangum, Director, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies


Interview at Johns Hopkins University with Roshni Rao, Director, PHutures


Digital Fridays Special Edition: Graduate Education for the Public Good (HASTAC)

EdCast episode on CUNY TV: “The CUNY Humanities Alliance: The Importance of Humanities Teaching

Interview at Hunter College Academic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching (ACERT): Watch on YouTube

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