Inkcap Consulting

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Research & Development

Whether building a new project or refining a longstanding program, you want your work to have an impact. From the big picture to the smallest details, I can make it happen.

Example: Next-Generation Dissertations

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I have a proven track record with fundraising, and have co-written and co-directed successful grants of up to $3 million. Let me help your next project get off the ground.

Example: CUNY Humanities Alliance

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Program Evaluation

What’s working, what’s not? How can your program grow and thrive? An outside eye can uncover patterns, unseen strengths, and opportunities. I know what to look for and can advise on next steps.

Example: Humanities for the Public Good

In addition to these larger areas of work, I am also available for select talks and workshops.

In recent years I have given over 80 talks on topics such as:

  • Graduate education reform
  • Career pathways for humanities graduate students
  • Labor practices in higher education
  • Equity in the academy
  • Public scholarship
  • Scholarly communication
  • The importance of humanities scholarship

What People are Saying

Why Hire Me?

As a humanities PhD and a higher education expert with over a decade of experience, I have a deep understanding of the importance of continually working to improve and update program structures—as well as the challenges and political sensitivities inherent in the task. My roles have included administration, research, and teaching at institutions including the Futures Initiative at the City University of New York, the Modern Language Association, the Scholarly Communication Institute, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Within each of those programs, I have created frameworks that are supportive, sustainable, research-driven, and community-oriented

My work is grounded in research as well as experience. I am the author of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work: Thriving in and beyond the Classroom (Duke University Press, 2020), a highly regarded book that examines the value and possibility of humanities graduate education both within and beyond the academy. 

Equity, sustainability, engagement, and community are my focal points in all aspects of my work. I help institutions to develop policies and practices that support retention and wellbeing of faculty, students, and staff, while also fostering creative and high-impact scholarship that goes beyond the walls of the university.

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Select Projects

Next-Generation Dissertations

(The Graduate School at Syracuse University)

A comprehensive, research-based website featuring an evaluation system, project showcase, interviews, resources, and more. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Screenshot of Next-Generation Dissertations website

Program Evaluation: Humanities for the Public Good

(University of Iowa, Obermann Center)

Conducted interviews, focus groups, and surveys to assess and offer recommendations for the continued success of the Humanities for the Public Good program, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Humanities for the Public Good logo